We run things, things nuh run we!

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Following this motto, we have some changes to announce:

The stream names and URLs have changed. While all flash-players and playlist-links on our website have been updated to reflect the changes, some people might still be accustomed to tuning in to our streams via their direct URLs. In this case just click one of the links here and bookmark the result. Also, we no longer use the ‘dsl’, ‘isdn’ and ‘modem’ terms, instead, the streams are now named ‘high’, ‘medium’ and ‘low’. While we’re already at it, the ‘low’ stream has been ‘upgraded’ to full stereo, still at 24kbit/s. For reference, all streams are linked below:

Name Quality URL
High 44KHz 128Kbit/s Full Stereo, MP3 HQ Stream
Medium 44KHz  48Kbit/s Full Stereo, MP3 MQ Stream
Low 22KHz  24Kbit/s Full Stereo, MP3 LQ Stream

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